doux bleu pin tuck shirt

Cuddy cotton pin tuck shirt
Belt collar
Design to decorate the chest with pin tack and shirring
Length 80 cm
I am tailoring the cotton material which tends to be a cheap impression with a classy impression by pin tack and shirring
I placed a pocket on the top of the bulge like a little cocoon silhouette
color variation
light gray
charcoal gray
size Free
length 80cm
Width 72cm
Height 76cm
Traditional handicrafts of traditional Indian art
There is a pocket like a little feather fabric
The relaxed oversized silhouette is also compatible with the line's beautiful pants
It is a blouse with a three-dimensional effect by pintack and shirring, so it is easy to put it together compactly by selecting this color!
Ample spread towards the hem
From the position where the shoulder was dropped sleeves
You may take off the button and pull it back a little and put the front of the hem in the pants in
13000yen +tax
made in Japan

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